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Would you like to influence the way your, community, government and national systems works?

The Royal Solutions Foundation is a Non-Profit organization (NGO) which equips you with Personal Solutions for National Transformation. This means equipping you with the personal solutions you need to transform your life, your community and your nation.

Our VISION is to provide effective solutions, resources and strategies, to inspire, empower and influence the people of our nations to become responsible, wise and productive citizens in our society.

Our MISSION is to bring the solutions of Heaven to the people of the world, by providing effective solutions for national transformation.


Special Project

Create or build specialized Royal Resorts for displaced children around the world. These Royal Resorts will have specialized care givers who love to serve children as well as the best education and training to develop the natural gifted genius of each child.

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"Training for Reigning" Workshop

“Personal Solutions for National Transformation”

This Interactive Spiritual Workshop focuses on equiping you with “Personal Solutions for National Transformation”

VISION – Transforming Your Life, Your Community and Your Nation, with the Culture and Lifestyle of the Kingdom of God

MISSION – Bring the Solutions of The Kingdom of Heaven To The People of The World

Learn how to:

  • Receive all you need and want from God our Father (source) Apply the principles of the Kingdom of God to any problem.
  • Fulfill your original purpose of dominating the earth with the Kingdom of God.
  • Experience the culture and lifestyle of Heaven on earth.
  • Discover your original design; Identity, Potential, Purpose, Heritage, Vision and Destiny.
  • Apply the effective solutions of Heaven to the problems you’re designed to solve.
  • Transform the corrupt systems of the world with the righteous systems of Heaven.
  • Improve the quality of life in your community and your nation, one person at a time.
  • Transform your community into a royal, righteous culture and lifestyle.
  • Access the effective systems, solutions and abundant resources of the Kingdom of God.
  • Apply the power & authority of the Church of Jesus Christ, over the Kingdom of darkness.
  • Inspire and Influence people into the Church of Jesus Christ to expand the Kingdom of God.
  • Turn your purpose and vision into specific solutions to specific problems in your community and nation.


  1. Original Design
  2. Rulership
  3. Principles
  4. Mentality
  5. Agency
  6. Citizenship
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Influence
  9. Impact
  10. Conclusion

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Reclaiming Our Men Seminar

How You Can Influence Absent Fathers To Love Their Children And Rescue Our Sons From Crime, Even If You’re Living In Fear.

  • Are you frustrated, tired and fed up of fathers not owning up to their children or being around to support, love and guide them?
  • Are you tired of living in fear and seeing our young men killed or dragged off in handcuffs?
  • Are you tired of seeing and hearing our young men committing crime and throwing away their talents, gifts and dreams in prison?
  • Are you frustrated with the effects these crimes are having on our communities and our nation?
  • Are you passionate about converting these young men into Law abiding Citizens?
  • Do you feel so fearful on your streets, to go out at night or to leave your house or car unlocked?
  • Do you feel fearful and frustrated with the effects of absent fathers in the lives of the children in your community?
  • Are you so frustrated with the absence of fathers, and youths in crime that you’re willing to do something about it?
  • Are you willing to learn how you can influence absent fathers to take up responsibility for their children?
  • Are you willing to learn how you can influence youths in crime, to enjoy a fruitful, law abiding and prosperous life?

Then come and learn how you can do something about it all from:

  • Q & A Session

Videos from the "Reclaiming Our men" Seminar

Dr Brian Skinner

Dr. Brian H. Skinner is a Sociologist, Urban Planner, Family Life Counselor, and Trainer in Emotional Intelligence, Crisis Counselor, Marriage Counselor, and Motivational Speaker. Group Process Trainer, Certified Character Trainer and Certified Chaplain.

Dr. Skinner practices both locally and internationally and has over thirty-five years experience to his credit. He has been most recently involved as a consultant for the Ministry of Gender Youth and Child Development in Male Support Programs including Defining Masculine Excellence, Effective Parenting, and Character First Intervention Strategist for Youth Gangs in Caricom Countries. 

A Life Skills Trainer for Women in Harmony Programs. Brian also consults for the Ministry of National Security in Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service, in area of Staff Development Training, Implementation of Restorative Justice Programs for both staff and inmates, Cognitive Moral Enhancement Program for long-term inmates and re-entry training for inmates.

He also provides Crisis Intervention Programs in the area of Anger and Stress Management, Bereavement Counseling, Marital and Pre-marital Counseling for Officers and Training of Trainers (Officer Trainers).

He has also provided Character Coaching Training for the coaching staff at Youth Training Center and W-Connection Football Team, in the area of developing the “Complete Athlete”.

He provided consultation and training for Civilian Conservation Corps both to staff and trainees in Character Development, Anger Management and Personality.

Mr Gorden Husbands

Mr. Husbands was the Corrections Specialist, then the Executive Director of the Penal Reform and Transformation Unit in the Ministry of National Security. He also held the position Chief Prisons Welfare Officer with the Prisons Service of Trinidad and Tobago. Present, he serves as a Director on the Boards of Vision and Mission and Prisons Fellowship Trinidad and Tobago.

MR HUSBAND has presented his proposal for justic here on TED Talk

Connect with Dr Peter Morgan Here:

Dr Peter Morgan

Dr Peter Morgan is a “Global Statesman” focused on Fathering Nations. He was instrumental in transforming communities in Jamaica, which were overflowing with crime and gangs, into peaceful communities where ordinary people can live in peace.

An accomplished Pastor and Educator of many years, born and grown in Jamaica. He oversees many Churches within the Caribbean and the USA. He currently is Dean of Post Graduate Studies at the Caribbean Nazarene College in Santa Cruz, Trinidad.

He worked with the Government of Jamaica in the 1970s in developing the Guidance and Counseling program implemented in secondary and high schools across the Island.

Dr. Morgan is the President of the newly inaugurated International Association of Kingdom Churches and Ministries (IAKCM), a global network of Christian Leaders and Ministers. He is a Founding Director and past President of the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA) with headquarters in Nassau, Bahamas.

He is an international Conference Speaker on topics such as Community Transformation and the Quiet Revolution’; ‘Career Development and Schools Counseling’; “Marriage, Parenting and Family Life”. His work has taken him across Latin America and the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Holland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, and the U.S.A.

Reclaiming our Men - Questions and Answers