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Website Design

Website Design and Ecommerce Services to Start Your Business with no money, no loans, no investor and automate to work for you

The Innovatech online business system uses of eCommerce Technology to:

  • Find the most profitable niche
  • Attract 10x More Customers.
  • Build an Automated Business with Less Time, Effort and Money

You may have a great business idea or product but you don’t have any money or just as little as $100.

How do you feel about trying to start a business with no money?

How do you feel as you try to start a business with no loan or no investment capital?

Even if you’re wondering, “how do I start a company with no capital?”, there are countless entrepreneurs who started with $0 and built multi million dollar companies. You can learn these principles from them but when you combine them with the new technology we have, your results will be faster and greater than what they had.

Having to pay a loan, when you don’t have a constant flow of extra income coming in, can be stressful. This can cause a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights. Investors can be sharks who want to devour all the hard earned profits from your new business. The idea that you own the bank or have to pay that investor, can force you into slaving long hours away from your family.It can even result in a serious health crisis. Believe me you don’t want to build your business like a slave.

There was a time when hard work was mandatory, but in this new economy with so much efficient systems, you don’t need to punish yourself like that again. A lot of retirees are addicted to hard work, so it’s very difficult for them to learn how to work smart.  I find it strange that many people are still telling new entrepreneurs to borrow money from someone. This is scary in an unstable economy as ours. You don’t need to live in fear but there are more efficient ways to start with no money and grow your business with no investors.

Remember, if you want to start from scratch and don’t have any money, or take a loan from anyone or engage an investor, then you need to find another way. I launched my first computer literacy class back in 1995 with no money, no loan, no investor and no computer. How did I do that?

I rented a computer and paid for it with the customers payment (link to customer funded models on SITS). I made an agreement to pay the owner $200/month for the use of the computer. Each student had to pay for the class on or before the start of the class.

One mistake I made was that I didn’t take the extra money to purchase my own computer. The payment from the students should have also paid for my own computer but I didn’t have the discipline to manage the money at the time. Now that i’ve learned my lesson i won’t make that mistake again.

You can start any project even a car wash or yard cleaning or repair service by renting equipment first. If you have a job, then you can save a small amount to purchase the cheapest item you need to start the project. Some photographers have started their business with a smartphone, before they could afford a high end camera.

If you truly want to build a business you can start from anywhere, like Sir Richard Branson (how he started his magazine at 15 years)

Which Solution Do You Need?

If you’re longing to turn your ideas and expertise into solutions and income, without working harder or spending more, choose from the list below:


A basic website, online store or eCommerce system to display your products or services. This includes:

  • Finding the right niche.
  • Creating the right products or services
  • Serving the right customers.

This does not include guaranteed website traffic or customers to buy your products.


This includes Niche research, build the website, eBooks, Facebook page, other Social media platforms and everything else for you. This includes guaranteed marketing systems, website traffic and customers who want to buy your products.

This is also for you who already have training, coaching or teaching programs/courses face-to-face and also have a lot of customers (students, clients) already. You need a system to put them online in digital format, so you can save time, energy and expense running around, doing the training physically. I’ll build your website, eBooks, physical manuals, Facebook page, other social media platforms and everything else for you. This includes guaranteed marketing systems, website traffic, online training platform to do all the physical work…in one place…for your customers to buy your products.

After much consultation with you and hearing your desire to boost your business, I’ve decided to launch the system that will help you to start from scratch, with no loans, no capital investments and no stress of owing anyone. This way you can get the coaching you need to start your business with no money and grow to any size you envision.

The  system will help you to:

  • Leverage innovative technology systems that literally costs $Billions of dollars for free.
  • Start a business with no money of your own, no loan and no venture capital investment.
  • Start and grow any low cost business ideas with high profits.
  • Stop wasting precious time, effort and money working the wrong business system that no longer works in this present economy.
  • Turn your gifts, talents and expertise into a profitable business asset that works for you.
  • Learn to detect which business ideas are growing, will succeed in this economy, will succeed in the long-term and which once won’t.
  • Attract strangers into visitors to your business, engage visitors into leads, convert leads into paying customers and delight customers into promoters of your business.

You’ll get weekly support to create any or all of these eCommerce solutions when you join the Innovatech system:

  • Design for your digital magazines or newsletters tailored to your specific audience.
  • Online store through Facebook Shop that links to your personal or Amazon store, digital or physical products and services.
  • Simple, fully loaded, basic Website to showcase your products or services.
  • Amazon Store to attract hungry customers to your physical products.
  • Kindle Self Publishing to attract your first 100+ readers to your physical or digital eBooks.
  • Facebook Live system to provide training on Facebook.
  • YouTube Live Stream to provide training on YouTube.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Consultation live with me, to design your own system.
  • Social Media Marketing  to find and understand the demographics and psychographics of your ideal customers.
  • Product creation system to tun your ideas and expertise into over 5 streams of digital training products or services

Choose the best Solution for you from the list below: