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Educational Technology (Edutech) for Professionals

How teachers and other experts who’re struggling to work online, can create digital products online, even if they're technology challenged

Would you like to….

  • Get paid from over 5 streams of income monthly, to sell your knowledge and expertise online by learning to create digital products that sell online.
  • Attract more students or clients from around the world, by using the best Educational Technology (EduTech), to market and sell your Books, Courses, Webinars and other Training program, even while you’re sleeping.
  • Get simple, patient, step-by-step technology coaching to help you turn one hour/week of Teaching/Training or Demonstration into profitable digital products that customers want to buy.

Digital Products DIY (Do It Yourself)

Digital Products DFY (Done For You)

eBook Self-Publishing

Physica Book Self-Publishing

Podcast Recording & broadcasting

eCourse Publishing & Certification

webinar series

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Mastermind

Virtual Coaching

Facebook Live Webinar

LinkedIn Live Training

YouTube Live Broadcast

Learn from the best....

In the midst of the increasing fears, frustrations and uncertainty populating the media networks – This is the best time in history for The Digital Knowledge Industry As A Knowledge Broker!

If you don’t think you’re an expert at anything or you don’t think that your knowledge and expertise are valuable enough to share or to sell, then you can do the alternative. Learn to be a Knowledge Broker. 

A Knowledge Broker is one who reports someone else’s expertise to others. This can be done live face-to-face, live online or learn how to create a digital product that sells itself. 

How can you do this?

Watch the video below….

  • The KBB (Knowledge Broker Blueprint) 6 Module Course.
  • The KBB Welcome Box With A Journal, Pen, Mug & So Much More!
  • The Private KBB Facebook Group
  • 6 Months of the MindMint 2.0 software [FREE].
  • FREE Year of Dean’s Inner Circle.
  • Productivity Secrets with Dean.
  • 6 Weeks Of Training As Dean & His Team shows you how to create virtual mastermind or convert it to a digital product that sells.
  • Learn Directly From Jenna Kutcher As She Breaks Down How To Confidently Complete Your First Event In 30 Days Or Less.

The KBB Coaches

The KBB 2019 Results

Learn To Use The Best Teaching Apps Like...
Learn To Use The Best Meeting Apps Like...

Learn from the best....

Learn to be a Virtual Coach

Wether you're a retied professional or still employed, learn how you can turn your expertise into digital products

For Coaches: New tools to get clients & charge what you’re worth for coaching

For New Coaches: Worksheets to target your coaching niche & identify your genius

Profitable Coaching Niches: PDF report lists coaching niches that are working right now

From the Information Age to the Transformation Age

Our world has just passed the Information Age, where $3,300 was being spent every second on information products. Now we’re in the Transformation Age where people are willing to invest 10 times as much on specific, valuable, solution oriented information that solves problems. In this new era Content or product is no longer King, Customer in King. In this era you can have customers paying you before you’ve created your physical product or digital product (content). Lets get Creating

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