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Innovate your ideas, talents or expertise into a profitable business that works without you

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  • Are you tired of being so busy that you don’t even have an extra 2-3 in the day do rest, enjoy your work or your family?
  • Are You tired of having to physically run up and down, to serve your customers or teach a class?
  • Do You wish you had an efficient website or technology system to sell your products and collect your payments for you, while you’re sleeping or enjoying your family time?
  • Are you an adult who is technology challenged and need a patient teacher to simplify the technology systems for you?
  • Do You wish you could convert your best knowledge and expertise, into more income for you and your family?
  • Do You want to find more customers around the world, who’re already searching for your expertise….who want to buy from you?

eCommerce Technology System:

  • Facebook Insights
  • Google Analytics
  • eBooks Self-Publishing
  • Online Courses Systems
  • Digital Presentation
  • Online Coaching sessions
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Digital Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Online Business Store
  • Facebook Shop.
  • Amazon Seller Store.
  • eBooks through Kindle Self Publishing.
  • Facebook Live Streaming.
  • YouTube Live Stream.

In this new economy you the ordinary person can thrive, while big business crumble

That’s because the economic systems have changed to our favor.

Large businesses are failing while small businesses are blossoming with the use of simple social media and ecommerce technology systems. If you want to experience this change in growth, you’ll need to learn how you can leverage the technology systems used by millions of  students, employees and unemployed workers to thrive. These system will help you to:

  1. Start your business with no money, no loans and no capital investment
  2. Grow your  business to pay your bills first, then have the option to  into a grow into a global profitable enterprise that works and grows without you.
  3. Find or create your loyal, competent, gifted and reliable TEAM.
  4. Create products and services that sells themselves, as a satisfying and fulfilling business venture.
  5. Turn your innovative, effective, valuable and profitable products and services into multiple streams of income, around the world.

I know your present economic situation is hurting you and your family, and it seem as thought there’s nothing you can do about it. You feel trapped by your present status,  the few customers you may have and the small size of your market.
If you’re wondering how you can thrive with no money to invest, a bad credit rating and no loans, here’s how:

  • You’ll start to attract and serve more customers without working harder than you are already.
  • You’ll stop spending so much money right now for websites and ads that don’t work
  • You’ll get a system that combines the best technology in the 6 crucial business areas.

Monetize Your Knowledge, Experience & Expertise

The problem is that the system you’re using to turn your gifted ideas into products and services is outdated, inefficient and stressful to maintain. You and your team can be actually wasting precious time on activities that’s killing your business rather than leveraging time.

As an adult you’re trying to operate your gifts and expertise in a global economy that’s completely different from the one you grew up in. This is the reason for your frustration. This is why you are working harder and not receiving the freedom of time or overflow of income you’re capable or experiencing. The youths who grow up in this present economy are able to generate much more resources (income, etc) and enjoy much more freedom of time without working as hard or even half as many hours are you. 

You may be wiser, more expertly trained, more qualified and have more experience than they do. However they’re able to capitalize on efficient technology systems that allows them to get more done with less effort, time and money.


This is because they rely on the right technology to do most of the work for them. Using these same efficient technology systems, you’ll turn your gifted ideas and expertise into innovative, valuable and profitable solutions. 

Success Leave Clues

Would you like to use a system that will help you to: 

  • Start your business from $0 to $1000+ in profits and 1000+ of loyal customers without any loans or capital investments.
  • Create products and services that sells themselves and attract 10x more loyal customers from around the world.
  • Avoid the hard, embarrassing work of struggling to convince customers to buy your products.
  • Build your global business without, loans or capital investment.
  • Guarantee a profitable and business beforehand, that works for you and works without you.
  • Simplify your product creation, marketing and sales.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Turn your passion, gifted ideas and expertise into profitable business assets, that works and grows…. even in your absence
  • Find your most valuable & profitable business ideas.
  • Target the problems (niche) you were designed to solve.
  • Create marketing that attracts customers attention immediately.
  • Hire and work with the most productive teams….not lazy employees.
  • Develop long-term relationships with loyal staff and customers from around the world, who promote your products and services for you.
  • Build long-term assets for you and your family to give you freedom of time to enjoy long vacations around the world.


With this system you can turn one of your gifted ideas or expertise into 5 or more streams of income. This can be done by using online technology to turn them into solutions such as:

  • Profitable eCommerce Websites that works for you.
  • Amazon Store to attract hungry customers to your physical products
  • A Kindle Self-Publishing eBook or physical Books.
  • A Facebook Shop Link to your personal or Amazon store.
  • A Facebook Live system to connect your Facebook fans to online training.
  • A YouTube Live Stream communication portal to interact with your customers live and direct.
  • A Private Coaching System for individuals or groups.

Each of these areas are filled with technology systems to create much more results in less time and with less effort and money. Leverage the right technology will get the most productive results in our business. The Innovatech System includes coaching in: 

  • Entrepreneur Leadership System                              = $1,100  Value
  • Niche Research Technology                                      = $500  Value
  • Product Innovation Technology                                  = $2,100  Value
  • Direct Response Marketing Technology                    = $999  Value
  • Communication Technology                                      = $199 Value
  • Customer Relations Technology                                = $599  Value
  • Ecommerce Business Management Technology      = $199  Value

.Total Value = $5,696

Ready To Monetize Your Knowledge, Experience & Expertise​​

  • The Innovatech System = $3,696 Value

  • Innovative Customer Attraction Technology = $4,285 Value

All for a low monthly subscription of

$59.95/monthly (TT$400)

Monthly Bank Standing Order for T&T Residents

To setup a Monthly Standing Order of TT$400 from your bank to Kevin Sandy, Please use any of these accounts:

  • JMMB #5960310401
  • FCB #2007447
  • Republic #550004883301
  • Scotia #4021537 under the name SITS Ltd.

Then What’s App a copy of your Standing Oder receipt to 868-299-7723 or Email to kevin@kevinsandytraining.com

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Online Payment

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Free Bonus

Innovative Customer Attraction Technology System

I will show/coach you how to do your Niche research, build your website, create your eBooks, launch your Facebook page, other social media platforms and everything else for yourself. This is a Live Weekly Business Coaching session for registered customers only.

Live Business Coaching calls include:

  • Simple, non-technical, Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Website Design tutorials
  • Social Media tutorial
  • Blog building tutorials
  • Forum construction tutorials
  • Amazon Seller System
  • Drop Shipping System

Weekly Coaching Call Format:

  • Individual attention
  • Closed Facebook Live Group coaching
  • Facebook Live Q&A sessions
  • Interactions with others on the closed Facebook Innovatech group
  • Worksheets, Forms and Handouts to complete.
  • Replay links for review.

Business Benefits:

  • Discover your most profitable ideas
  • Turn your ideas into profitable, attractive digital or physical products
  • Get your Profitable Website to work for you; attract your customers, deliver your products and generate your profits, while you’re sleeping or on vacation
  • Create your own:
    • Profitable ecommerce website
    • Profitable ecommerce store
    • Profitable interactive Blog
    • Profitable interactive Forum
    • Attractive eMagazine
    • Attractive eBook
  • Attract customers from around the world.
  • Export your local products around the world.
  • Automate your business with effective leadership principles and innovative, ecommerce technology systems.

The System to Help You Monetize Your Knowledge, Experience & Expertise​​

Innovative Customer Attraction Technology System

  • Traffic Generation to attract strangers into visitors:  = $99 Value
    • Niche Research technology:
    • Digital Niche Research
    • Physical Niche Research
    • Local and online Survey
  • Lead Generation System:                                             = $200 Value
    • Ecommerce Website
    • Ecommerce Store
    • eBook
    • eMagazine
    • Digital Training Course
    • Product Innovation technology;
    • Digital product formula
    • Physical product innovation
  • Lead Conversion into Customers:                               = $599 Value
    • Automated email technology
    • Live Chat technology
    • Live Streaming technology
    • Webinar Technology
    • Free-Line Packaging
    • Forums platform
    • Blog platform
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Direct Response Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • MultiMedia Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Inspiring Customers into Promoters:                         = $2,199 Value
    • Customer Support System:
    • Attractive giveaways
    • Mobile Communication technology
    • Mobile Technology Security
  • Automate Your Business to work for you:                  = $1199 Value
    • Business Analytics
    • Business growth
    • Staff recruitment system
    • Staff management system
    • Business Automation System:
    • Virtual Assistant policy design
    • Virtual Assistant assimilation
    • Plan your business for automation
    • Systems development
    • Systems Documentation
    • Systems Delegation
    • Full-time Automation

Total Value = $4,285

  • The Innovatech System = $3,696 Value

  • Innovative Customer Attraction Technology = $4,285 Value

All for a low monthly subscription

$59.95/monthly (TT$400)

Monthly Bank Standing Order for T&T Residents

To setup a Monthly Standing Order of TT$400 from your bank to Kevin Sandy, Please use any of these accounts:

  • JMMB #5960310401
  • FCB #2007447
  • Republic #550004883301
  • Scotia #4021537 under the name SITS Ltd.

Then What’s App a copy of your Standing Oder receipt to 868-299-7723 or Email to kevin@kevinsandytraining.com

Then you’ll receive the confirmation link with your free gifts.
Thank you Kindly

Online Payment

Click SUBSCRIBE above to pay US$59.95 monthly with your Credit/Debit Card

After you click the Subscribe button below, you’ll be sent to the Registration page to start your monthly subscription. You’ll then receive these free gifts in your email:

  • The Free Double Jeopardy Technique, use to generate 1780% increase in website visitors.
  • Your free Survey, to help me understand your needs and how I can best serve You.
  • Approval to join the Private Innovatech Facebook group. An Interactive business collaboration group where you can share and receive simple step by step guidance to help you Monetize Your Knowledge, Experience & Expertise

Bonus Coaching books

You’ll receive this 2 free eBook from one of my coaches.

He has personally sold over $100 million worth of information products online, in over 10 years of working in the information product industry and have created of over 10 different information products and publishing companies that he has built to over $1 million dollars online. 4 of them to over $10 million.

Most importantly, he’s now taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world how to build successful information products and businesses that give them the freedom and flexibility that they want.

  • Opportunity – which will show you the crucial opportunities available for you in this new internet economy.
  • What I Learned From Selling $100 Million Dollars of Online Products – to help you do just that


Satisfied Customers

You would like Kevin, because of his personality. You would trust him because of his character. He has specialised knowledge in this field which would bring great value to your business. So, likeability, trust and specialised knowledge… a great formula for a recommendation which I make without reservations.

Hyacinth Guy – Human Resource Company.

I think you push us to be better.
And teach us in a way. 
Like if we have an issue you won’t just give us the answer, you would ask us how we think we should fix it and make us think. To the point where I feel like sometimes I should come to up with a solution when I have an issue.
Mr. Morris – Technical Assistant and Web Developer