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  • Are you feeling overwhelm in your busy work?
  • Are you drained after a normally busy day?
  • How is your business doing during this lock down?
  • How are you serving your customers during the COVID-19 crisis?
  • Do you know the simple tools you can use to leverage your time and effort?

12 Business Productivity Tools

While you’re on lock down you can still prepare for your business growth now.

We’ll go through several productivity tools, which I’ve learned from 12 different international coaches, such as Anthony Robbins and Dean Graziosi to help you get much more done with less time, effort and expense. You can learn these strategies for productivity, efficiency and growth in your:

  • Personal Life
  • Job as an Employee or
  • In your business as an Entrepreneur.

You can implement them in your business now or learn them now to implement later.

We’ll go through these tools to help you build your business to the point where it works for you and grows even in your absence.

  1. The “Clarity” Tool – know exactly where they are and where they want to go, it will make accomplishing their goals so much easier
  2. The “Who I Am & What I Do” toolintroduce themselves to the group but in a detailed and orderly fashion. This will allow everyone in the room to know what their fellow attendees love to do and why they are in this group to begin with. The more you feel a sense of connection, the better the group will perform.
  3. The  Seven Levels Deep” tool – anchoring in your “reason why” you’re building your business by going down seven levels deep to discover the underlying core reason why.
  4. The “I Know I’m Being Successful When” tool – narrowing your focus on what brings you joy and what things you should be spending your time and energy on.
  5. The  “Not To Do List” tool – helping you make a detailed list of the things you are doing every day that don’t serve you and gives you the permission to throw them out!
  6. The “Needle Movers” tool – extracting what is working for you in your business, what you can do to make it better and how everyone in the group can share these needle movers with each other to help everyone grow exponentially.
  7. The “Full Focus Help” tool – to help you truly solve an obstacle you are facing. The power of an organized group can help solve any problem by finding the best possible solutions for any opportunity.
  8. The “Success Loop” tool – to help you come out stronger, faster, smarter when unexpected realities happen in your life and business – when so many others go flat.
  9. The “One Big Thing” tool – help you realize that the thing that scares you the most, is the dragon you have to slay. Let’s face it head on and find out what your “one thing” is that can solve all your biggest fears and issues.
  10. The “Negotiation” tool – to learn the secret to a win-win negotiation. Most people have no idea how to properly negotiate for a win. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
  11. The “What’s Worth Your Time” tool – to help you find your #1 “Idea Worth Doing” that you can start taking action on after your event.
  12. The “Connect To Scale” tool – We meet lots of great people at events and masterminds. But some connections are a must. Let this tool be the easy way to share your interest in a mutually beneficial relationship that can help you and others scale your business and life exponentially!

Executive Productivity Coaching

Which of these tools do you think will help you?

Join me on Mondays 6PM – 7PM EST/AST for this 12 week Productivity Coaching to become much more productive.

The “Prioritize” Tool$500 Value
The “Organize” Tool $500 Value
The “Optimize” Tool$500 Value
The “Clarity” Tool $100 Value
The “Who I Am & What I Do” tool$100 Value
 The “Seven Levels Deep” tool $100 Value
The “I Know I’m Being Successful When” tool $100 Value
The “Not To Do List” tool $100 Value
The “Full Focus Help” tool $100 Value
The “Needle Movers” tool $100 Value
The “Success Loop” tool The “One Big Thing” tool$100 Value

The “Negotiation” tool

$100 Value
The “What’s Worth Your Time” tool$100 Value
The “Connect To Scale” tool$100 Value










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Executive Productivity Coaching

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