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Hi I’m Kevin Sandy and for over 25 years I’ve been:

  • Teaching and coaching thousands of adults who are technology-challenged, to benefit from the use of technology.
  • Creating technology systems for administrators and office managers to work more efficient and productive, so they can enjoy time with their staff as well as with their families.
  • Reducing the work load of entrepreneurs who needed workers they can trust, to delegate and outsource some of their work, so they can focus on what they need to do.
  • Assisting teachers and coaches to monetize their knowledge and expertise with eCommerce technology. 


One thing I’ve realized is that most people spend hours consuming information on Social Media, Google, Blogs and Forums but not creating valuable information on these technology platforms. You can learn to monetize what know.

PURPOSE: This site was created to provide eCommerce technology to achieve much more results with less resources.

​​VISION: The result I expect is that all of you will be able to leverage the eCommerce technology systems, whether you’re an employees or entrepreneurs, to achieve much more results and get much more work done, with less time, energy and money.


Entrepreneur Solutions

The economic systems have changed, so you need to learn how you can leverage eCommerce technology systems so as to:

  1. Start your business with no money, no loans and no capital investment
  2. Grow your present business into a global profitable system that works and grows without you.
  3. Find or create competent, gifted and reliable workers.

As an entrepreneur I’ve started 3 different companies over the span of 10 years. Thanks to the 10+ coaches who’ve taught me over the past 8 years.  I am very grateful for they’ve taught me, so I can escape the financial depression during the present financial recession. They’ve taught me how to:

  • Choose the right technology system according to the vision.
  • Leverage online technology to work for me.
  • Create efficient office processes and procedures.
  • Innovate ways of turning office disasters into success.
  • Start an online business from scratch.
  • Do market and niche research around the world from 1 location.
  • Increase sales on the local and global market – all from a computer.
  • Attract strangers and convert them into loyal customers and promoters.
  • Create innovative, valuable and profitable products and services.
  • Build virtual businesses, provide online mentoring and performance coaching.

After learning so much I have now developed a simple system to introduce others to the online working world. Others are now learning the basics of becoming a knowledge worker from me. They are learning to understand the online language and the systems for effective communication. They’re able to plan big but start small, then go through the process of escalating their innovative ideas into a fully established commercial enterprise. They’re enjoying the simple training process I designed for them to:

  • Grow from limiting job to Dream Job
  • Grow from local work to Global Influence
  • Grow from gift ideas to Sustainable Income
  • Grow from personal dreams to National Impact

You can also learn the basics of using online technology systems to leverage your innovative ideas into profitable products and services. You can learn to use the right technology in non-technical language. You will learn to build the foundation for turning your knowledge into influential training or business systems, using actual online technology. This will allow you to work from anywhere, at anytime and at your convenience. You will learn at your own pace, one step at a time and get much more work done with less effort, time and money.

If you also want to master the art of innovation and becoming efficient in your work or business, you can continue with me for those advanced coaching programs. These are my areas of specialty, in which God has gifted me, to inspire the innovation of highly valuable products or services. These products or services are specific, valuable and profitable solutions which you can create, for specific problems and disasters around the world. Here you will learn how to:

Use technology correctly and create the right system that will work for you.

Build a profitable enterprise which works with or without you.

Produce the specific results that you envision, are passionate about and personally desire.

In 2016 I became a mentor with the Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT).

YBTT really plays a leadership role in developing a culture of entrepreneurship among young

people in establishing sustainable businesses in Trinidad and Tobago. YBTT was started in 2000,

and was an initiative of the then British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, His

Excellency Mr. Peter Harborne. It is an affiliate of the Youth Business International (YBI).

A joint venture between His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum and

The Prince’s Trust.

​Benefits To You

  • Creating valuable products and services which sell themselves.
  • Giving you access to a global market from anywhere at anytime.
  • Eliminate unemployment, job hunting, job loss and the stress of recession.
  • Creating a profitable commercial enterprise that works and grows with or without you.
  • Peace of mind from setting up the right technology system to work for you on autopilot.
  • Reaching 100x more people (customers, clients or members) by doing 10% of the work.
  • Leverage the right technology to produce faster and more profitable products and services.
  • Less stress in choosing the right technology to grow your knowledge, expertise, ideas, or work.
  • Become an influential authority in your product or service to people and nations around the world.
  • Expansion of your “brick & mortar” (offline) work or business into an online, unlimited system, that works for you.
  • The right tools that will enable you to keep producing more highly innovative and profitable solutions with less effort, time and money.
  • Allowing you to work at anytime from anywhere, while providing a service or product to anyone who need it, without being physically present.


Career Coaching

If you’re an employee longing for a promotion or unemployed hunting for a job, you’ll learn time tested principles, so you can turn your talents, gifted ideas or professional expertise into:

  1. Much more job offers and promotions, without more than 1 job application or interview.
  2. Products and services that sells themselves as a satisfying and fulfilling business venture.
  3. Innovative, effective, valuable and profitable products and services around the world.

Growing up I was taught that the way you get a safe, secure, permanent job is to get A’s and A+ in high school, get an undergrad or masters degree in a specific prestige profession; like law, medicine, engineering, computer/technology, politics, finance or business. We, then needed to fill out and mail in a tone of applications and resumes. Then gear up ourselves to take countless, gruelling interviews and see who we can fool into hiring us. Well, that was not my cup of tea.

For me life was just the opposite to most people. I tried to complete a first degree 3 times in 3 different universities. Everytime I ended up having to leave after second semester. I even tried closing down my part time jobs to focus on my studies but this didn’t help. After launching my second company I realised that I was working in the university that called me to work for them. I was also running a business part-time which I did not market but the customers did the marketing for me, through the old fashion word of mouth marketing.

When I was first offered the job at the university I turned them down. I was receiving more that they were offering. What I didn’t know was hat my present supervisor was preparing to leave the next year and was recommending me to replace him. The next year the university called and offered me more this time so i took the offer. When i was leaving I found out about my supervisor’s recommendation. I was honoured but had to leave. This job was more secure and I had a family now to take care of.

Over the last 17 years I’ve been able to acquire several jobs without applying for them, or running around to interviews or filling out resumes. This was because I created valuable solutions which attracted those jobs to me. After working with the university for 5 years I launched a part-time business and accepted part-time jobs in other companies. These companies called me to help them with technical advice, leadership training and online tech support. Over a 10 year period, I had 3 companies that provided networking solutions, technical support, computer training and mentor training.

In 2015 I felt tired of being employed. I want to be a full-time entrepreneur working from home. I then applied for 1 year no-pay leave from the university. You wouldn’t believe what happened. They asked me to hold on. They then offered me a promotion and also gave me an additional part-time lecturing job. I accepted the offer after much consideration and planning. Now I teach on 2 evenings a week, for 2 weeks a month. Presently, I have 4 different jobs with 3 different companies, all without sending out any applications, resumes or ads in the media.

Thankfully the system I use allows me to still spend quality time with my family, playing football with my son or just hanging out with my wife watching our favorite movies. Even though I’m still employed I’m able to juggle that with, running a company, which provides coaching and technical support, still have quality family time daily, cook and do other house whole chores.

Several persons are benefiting from this system by learning how to transition into their dream career. Some of them completed their master’s degree but couldn’t find a better paying job. They were stuck in the same job at the same level of employment. All they did was follow my simple system of turning their most gifted ideas into innovative, valuable and profitable solutions, influence and impact. Companies took notice and called them for job offers. Some of them who wanted to launch out into their own business had prospective customers calling them for their specific service or product. Some of them even got investors calling them and asking them if they could invest in their product. Could you imagine that? Investors taking notice and calling you instead of you calling them! It’s amazing what can happen when you use the right system.

This system of innovative career coaching was created to show you how to create your career by attracting your dream career, instead of running after jobs or positions. It takes the stress off of you are causes the companies to compete for your attention. You now have the upper hand and the freedom to choose where and when you want to work. You also gain the leverage to call whatever price you want to charge. It works every time. You get the freedom to:

  • Negotiate your time and conditions
  • Spend quality time with your family as you wish
  • Get paid on your terms for doing what you enjoy
  • Accept or reject work as you desire, so you can plan and control your time and your life.

If you truly desire to transition into your dream job then connect with me here to take a short survey which I’ve prepared just for you. This way I can get to understand your fears, frustrations, dreams and aspirations.

Also, if this is not for you, hey no problem. Share it with your friends and families. Those who seriously desire to leave their present job and transition into their dream career. They’ll thank you later for this gift of relief.


 For over 25 years I’ve:

  • Had some failures and successes in education and business.
  • Taught and coached hundreds of adults who are technology-challenged.
  • Helped hundreds to use and benefit from productivity systems, eCommerce websites  and business technology.

Adults who need technology solutions seek me out because they want someone who is:

  • Able to take the time to simplify each step in using the different  technology systems, into normal everyday language.
  • Trustworthy enough to keep their information confidential.
  • Patient with them until they learn how to apply each step with confidence.

I’ve been learning from 10 different coaches over 10 years:

  • Leadership and character development mentors.
  • Productivity coaches
  • Technology coaches
  • Business coaches

National Transformation

Creating Effective Solutions for National Transformation

Purpose into Profits​

Turn Your Talents into Income and Your Purpose into Profits

National Transformation

Creating Effective Solutions for National Transformation