Get your own profitable website, e-commerce Store and social media Marketing systems, in 3 months, even if you’re completely technology challenged.

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Learn to Build Your Own Website, eCommerce Store or Social Media Marketing System, that Works for You, or Get It Built For You.

Free-up an extra 2-3 hours a day with a business that works for you.

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  • Join the Weekly “Innovatech” Webinar, where you’ll learn to use Free, Simple, Powerful and Innovative eCommerce technology.
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  • Watch the Knowledge Business Blueprint video, as Tony, Dean and Russell shows how you can benefit from the $355 Million a day knowledge Economy
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  • Join the SITS Facebook group and share tips from others like you.
  • This is for those who’re tired of physically running up and down to serve your customers or teach a class, but want a eCommerce Store, Website or Social Media to do it for you.
  • This is for overworked entrepreneurs, managers or trainers who need a system to train your staff, sell your products or services, serve your customers and collect payments for you – while you’re sleeping or enjoying your family time.
  • This is those who’re looking for a system that could turn your training or business into an automated system, that works for you and grows even in your absence.
  • This is for those who need a patient technology trainer and coach to simplify the steps of using the right technology or even your own website, to sell your knowledge and attract more customers for you.
  • This is for those who want to convert your best knowledge, into more income for you and your family, without investing any more time or money.
  • This is not for you, if who’re stuck in your ways and your mindset and don’t want to change the way you work or operate your business.
  • This is not for lazy “couch potatoes” looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and not hungry enough to get the work done.

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After you register, watch Tony, Dean and Russell share on The $355 Million a day Knowledge Economy.

Click the button below to Register for the Free Weekly Training 

Would you like to:

  • Invest 2 hours/week with a coach and learn simple steps to free you up 10 hours/week.
  • Invest $60/month in a coach and learn the secrets of how to gain $600/month in profits.
  • Capture 1-3 ideas, which you can implement to remove 10 stumbling blocks in your business or your life.
  • Invest 2 activities a day, which can remove 5 of your present work activities a day and make you feel free from those 5 things.

You can’t afford NOT to have a coach

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  • Regain an extra 2-3 hour a day from your work and in your life.
  • Discover the customers who’re willing to pay for your talents, knowledge, Experience and Expertise.
  • Package your talents, knowledge, Experience and Expertise into high quality, valuable and profitable solutions to specific problems.
  • Develop long term relationships with those customers and delight them to become your promoters.
  • Implement Time Tested Leadership and Productivity Principles to free up your time, so you can have an extra 2-3 hour a day.
  • Inspire your team to take initiative, work according to your values and constantly improve their results.
  • Influence your customer to buy from you and take action in implementing your solutions.
  • Choose between a website or landing page, a survey form or social media platform, an eBook self-publishing or eMagazine publishing system
  • Use Niche research technology to save you time in finding out what are your ideal customer’s need, frustration and pain point.
  • Choose between Direct Response Marketing and Brand Marketing systems, so you can to attract those you want and repel those who you don’t want.​ 
  • Setup a List Building (Autoresponder) technology to automatically communicate with your customers and teams.
  • Choose the most cost-effective web conferencing system for presentations, recording your programs or having meetings with your teams and partners
  • Use the right Production technology to use, so as to innovate your ideas into the physical or digital solutions which your customers prefer to buy.
  • Choose the most secure and easily integrate, Payment systems, to collect your payments for you, with the lowest fees and very customer friendly staff.
  • Integrate the various Customer Support system to interact with our customers, as needed and resolve problems more efficiently.

One thing I’ve realized is that most people spend hours consuming information on Social Media, Google, Blogs and Forums but not creating valuable information on these technology platforms. You can learn to monetize what know.

Hi I’m Kevin Sandy and for over 25 years I’ve been:

  • Teaching and coaching thousands of adults who are technology-challenged, to benefit from the use of technology.
  • Creating technology systems for administrators and office managers to work more efficient and productive, so they can enjoy time with their staff as well as with their families.
  • Reducing the work load of entrepreneurs who needed workers they can trust, to delegate and outsource some of their work, so they can focus on what they need to do.
  • Assisting teachers and coaches to monetize their knowledge and expertise with eCommerce technology. 

Would like to know how you can benefit from using social media technology?

Would you like to turn your knowledge into products that sells themselves?

Would you like to attract more customers from around the world?

After you register, you’ll get to watch the Free video of Tony, Dean and Russel to learn how:

  • They have been using technology for over 40 years to help others turn their knowledge, experience and expertise into massive income.
  • You can also benefit from this $355 Million Knowledge Economy.

Just start today…

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Satisfied Customers

You would like Kevin, because of his personality. You would trust him because of his character. He has specialised knowledge in this field which would bring great value to your business. So, likeability, trust and specialised knowledge… a great formula for a recommendation which I make without reservations.

Hyacinth Guy – Human Resource Company.

I think you push us to be better.
And teach us in a way. 
Like if we have an issue you won’t just give us the answer, you would ask us how we think we should fix it and make us think. To the point where I feel like sometimes I should come to up with a solution when I have an issue.
Mr. Morris – Technical Assistant and Web Developer

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